The ECFA chairman brought a Association in Suzon



The ECFA chairman brought a visit to the chairman of the Friendship Association in Suzhou on Monday, november 19. Suzhou is the sister city of the city of Nijmegen. Suzhou is especially renowned for the beautiful gardens that are there. Especially the Garden of the humble administrator.

This is already the last Magazine of the year. A year in which a lot is organized for the members: everything is free for our members and the trip to Beijing at cost price! Next year, we are repeating the trip in which only 20 people to get involved because at that time the celebration of the 70 anniversary of China. Departure 28 september and returning 8 days later at a very low price: €995,– first come, first served basis. As soon as we get 20 people have close the registration! The price is inclusive of Flight, hotel, breakfast and excursions. On this trip will be an ECFA board member as a tour guide! Please registrate as soon as possible! 

In the first issue of the new year you will receive an activity schedule for the whole year 2019. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. May the best of your past bet he worst of your future

Your Chairman

Roy Ho Ten Soeng