Founders of this Friendship Organization aimed contacts between Europe with China to step up in all areas. For over 400 years, there are diplomatic relations between Europe and China. For over 100 years, the first Chinese arrived in the Netherlands: the oldest ethnic minority group in the Netherlands. Chinese and Europeans have one thing in common: they are both “commercially minded” people who are hard workers. Chinese in the Netherlands are the largest investors among ethnic minorities. They also make a substantial contribution to the prosperity of today EUROPE.


Although Asia and especially China has a high economic growth experienced Differences are great! ECFA will pay particular attention to disadvantaged to contribute their bit to raise in countries where friendships are maintained: enable children to attend school by providing bicycles, facilitate small entrepreneurs (eg incubators make available some piglets. supply, etc.), in short, people are self-reliant. Also contacting Europeans with the Chinese population will be integral part of the policy: “people to people diplomacy” in order to promote mutual respect and understand each other better.


The current economic crisis has hit hard EUROPE while China has since significantly fewer problems (had). Even in this time of crisis, China has an economic growth that we observe in disbelief. In the “slipstream” of Chinese economic development has to be there for the Netherlands to achieve much more than is the case now. ECFA would like to play a role in promoting EUROPE in China and vice versa, in the promotion of relations between people of the two continents, in the guidance of Chinese who are admitted here in EUROPE, in the exchange of contacts between the two peoples and the promotion of Friendship Tours where that is possible. Conversely, each participant of a journey of Friendship Tours associate to the ECFA will and under it all benefits effectuate that entails: reduction in performances of Chinese groups, reduction in a number of restaurants, reduction in some Chinese wholesalers, reduction in traveling from Friendship Tours, Reduction in Chinese New Year Celebration at some restaurants, monthly newsletters about China and guidance on doing business with China.

In the coming months will do all it can to increase significantly the number of associating programs. 2015 will be made to 100 “members” through recruitment and participation in two trips in July. In December 2016 the number of 30 associate’s needs are met. And in 2018 100 associate will realize.

The network of the ECFA is unparalleled and will be strengthened!