ECFA Review about 2015

Immediately after its establishment, the Chinese New Yearsparty in 5 European countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, the celebration for the first time on the DAM celebrated.

Regularly there are articles from China Daily, monthly brought to the attention of more than 100 interested people from various European countries.

In the summer holidays, a group of 12 teachers of Dutch schools o.l.v. Roy Ho Ten Soeng to China went to a few schools to visit in Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The preparation of this trip has been in The Mallejan in Maarssen. Teachers have it as a resounding success.

In August, it is in Maarssen held an exhibition about China and Japan in the 2nd world war. The barbaric treatment the Japanese in the occupied territories Chinese had undergone on many photos to see.

On the other hand has also become clear what significance the help of Overseas Chinese has had for China.

Three board members have visited the Chinese Friendship Association in Beijing. 2 large bags of Bulbs are donated to the garden in Beijing to plant.

ECFA has contact with 35 Friendship Associations with foreign countries in 35 cities in CHINA